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October 8, 2010

Watercolour past and present.

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I’ve had a small renaissance in my use of watercolour, having been lured away from the medium by acrylics and then oils. For more than a few years I have only used my water colours for small paintings only 6ins across in my sketch books, some of which I have posted previously. But over the last week I have made efforts to re-aquaint my self with the technique by painting some larger pictures. I started quite shakily as laying in broad washes over swathes of expensive paper when you are not quite sure how it will dry is a little nerve wracking. I have also been scanning in the very few larger scale watercolours I have done in recent years so I include those here as well. Though unfortunately the mice have chewed a fair few of them up for bedding… some pictures click to a larger view.

London, Thames, Greenwich, watercolour, watercolor, painting

I had a lovely photo taken when the light was good, but not from a position that made a good composition so I went and did a sketch from a better place and combined the two. The sky had to be washed back as I initially got my tones too strong but actually the end result has a better feel than such adjustments usually result in.


London, history, docks, Thames, watercolour, painting

Next day I set out upon a historical scene of the old port of London when it was still a place of ships and trade, rather than the abode of yuppie flats by uninspired and lazy architects. The drawing was done from many references old and new some from postcards bought in the market and others from books. The light was stolen from painting by Alan Runagall the absolute master of such subjects in watercolour. The whole background was laid in with a single wash and then the distant warehouses and the bridge. Finally the nearby barges and shipping, only three layers so a simple picture to paint but I was pleased with the result.


Richmond, boats, Thames, river, watercolour

This is from a photo taken on my recent expedition with the Wapping group to Richmond, only about an hour to paint but I was pleased with the overall result, though I used the wrong blue and the wash for the nearby water didn’t granulate as I wished it to… French Ultramarine is the one that does this but alas I had run out.


Farm, Worcestershire, watercolour, painting

This was done from a photo taken from my brother’s garden in Hanbury Worcestershire. I wasn’t in a mood to paint as I was hung over from his 60’th birthday celebrations… most of this I like but I should have used my artistic licence to make the tree on the left  less symmetrical, I might add a figure in the gate, probably with a dog to try and draw the eye where I wish.


This was done on a visit to Rouse Lench in Worcestershire. The house is very rarely open but there was an open day and my Father and I went. I was autumn and the light was fantastic, it was 20 years ago now but seeing this painting brings it back clearly.


Tardebigge, church, Worcestershire, watercolour, painting

A more recent one but still 10 years old. This is Tardebigge where I first went to school.


Bredon, Worcestershire, Watercolour, Painting

A final one, a romantic view of Bredon Hill in Worcestershire, inspired I recall after going to an exhibition and seeing wonderful watercolours by Thomas Girtin and Peter de Wint.

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